Outsourcing Article Writing – 3 Tricks To Get Your Money’s Worth

As the trend of posting projects online is increasing rapidly due to the popularity of outsourcing, it is essential to learn how to write an effective project description before posting it online. Project planning and writing well formed job descriptions for your projects are important factors whilst learning how to outsource. We should keep in mind a good deal of things when writing an enticing project description, our rudimentary aim is to construct a description that is appealing to providers, specifies the category completely, and depicts the work required in a very detailed and comprehensive fashion so that the person that is reading wont lose interest when reading it .

Not telling your ghostwriters what you really want. This is the most common mistake of buyers these days. They think that they don’t need to tell their ghostwriters what they want and still get the kind of articles that they’re looking for. Well, you need to be very vocal about your requirements and your needs so your ghostwriters will know exactly what they need to do. For your own benefit, create a very descriptive Project contribution and ideas and send it via email so your ghostwriters will have something to refer to.

For example, in the projects I posted, I said I wanted writing samples in plain text format, rather than MS Word. Nine out of ten writers attached samples in… yes, MS Word.

But for those of you who feel that you have “graduated from IKEA,” which is known for its innovative albeit disposable style, how would you like to be able to economically create modern style in your home that was less “cheesy” than your average DIY project?

The economic benefits to having a virtual assistant rather than an employee are expansive. First, you may not have enough work to fill a full-time employee’s time or even a consistent amount of work to provide to a part-time employee. You only pay for the time in which it takes your virtual assistant to complete his or her task. With an employee, there may many hours of unproductive time.

Enter the schedule, budget, and type of contract. I like to give my project the maximum listing time, to ensure I have enough quality providers bidding to do the job. I don’t disclose my budget because if I say $1k, and the provider would have been willing to do it for $750, I’ve just shot myself in the foot and wasted $250 when I didn’t have to. Either use Prefer Not to Disclose or Unsure so they have to bid what they feel is fair, not what you plan to pay.

While it will generally cost you twice the ‘connects’ to make your proposal a sponsored proposal, it’s worth it to show the client that you believe enough in his or her freelance project to put that extra expenditure out. Sponsored bids are also more likely in general to be considered by clients.

It can be done, it takes time, belief in yourself and positive reinforcement from yourself (that’s why you read your goals each day) Go for it, you can do it!